Tröbsdorf, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Niko (13), on an Island pony from his foster family, which is offered to him as an intensive social education measure. In the beginning, his parents have been against the proposal of the youth office, but then agreed. It may be that he remains up to the age of majority in this or any other project. However, should he get back home, Niko will try to get along better with the life partner of the mother. According to Niko, he was the main reason for the clash with the family, as they have had argues all the time. "And here there's only a few things negativ. Only that I am away from home, but that is bareable." Niko's biological father got divorced and when he got together with his new girlfriend, he had to opt for Niko or her. Since then, Niko has only his father's phone number. From the internet.